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Protect phone from obsessive advertising
Make your web surfing faster, use less data,
and block ads by downloading
Lightning Adblock
Tired of aggressive end annoying ads?
Use the most advanced blocker. Block all ads and counters, speeds up page-loading and it protect your personal data

battery life

data secure

internet speed

Flexible customization to suit your needs
Add filters to choose what exactly you want
to block, create white or black lists for websites,
stay unseen and turn on antitracking filters

Add filters


White list

Black list

Reduce traffic consumption

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24 million users all over
the world


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use our app


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our app every day

Keep your anonymity 24 hours
Choose the degree of your protection against tracking systems, just select the appropriate filters




Form white
and black lists
Whitelist your favorite sites
and create lists of sites where you
want to block ads
Blocks ads in your favorite sites

Why Lightning Adblock?

Available features
ad blockers
Blocks banners, pop-ups and videos in apps
Protects your privacy by blocking malicious tracking
Saves traffic and speeds up loading
Protection from annoying ads


User reviews

Average rating 4.5/5 based on 5 million user reviews
Helen Walker
The best of the best Adblocker is Lightning Adblock. Does exactly what it says. There are tons of features i havent yet explored, way to go team adguard.
Lena Gibson
This app is fantastic!!! Ever since I downloaded Lightning Adblock I have been amazed by how much better it is to use my phone now.
Betty Bishop
Tres bonne application qui bloque 80 pourcent des pub. malheursement youtube passe a travers
Victor Erickson
I'm truly impressed by the effectivity of this progam. Great.
Alfred Logan
Brilliant worth every penny many thanks
Cora Henderson
This app is very good, thanks